How It works

We have created a fun learning quiz for Driver CPC trainers and we have called it CPCQ.

CPCQ is best played in a group setting, like a classroom. Drivers answer on their own devices, while the quiz is displayed on a shared screen to unite the training session – creating a ‘campfire moment’ – encouraging drivers to look up.

The social learning promotes discussion and pedagogical impact. After a quiz, you can evaluate drivers’ understanding and your performance.

Once you are signed up, and logged in as a CPCQ Trainer, you will be able to start a quiz and see the stats from your previous quizzes. Click on ‘ Start Session’. Ask drivers to visit on their device and login as drivers. Once they have entered the QREF number, their name will appear on the main screen and you can start the quiz.

The question is displayed only on the main screen and the drivers have 15 seconds to answer the question on their device by pressing the coloured symbol. The faster they answer the more points they get. They can see who got it right and who is winning the quiz so far.

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